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Experience the Underwater World Like Never Before


Sonar Systems for Fishing, Navigation and Exploration

Intelligent and tough, FLIR Test & Measurement instruments are designed to meet the challenges of your industrial application. With advanced options such as Infrared Guided Measurement (IGMTM), high protection ratings, datalogging, and the ability to send data over METERLiNK®, FLIR Test & Measurement products are packed with the tools you need to accurately diagnose issues, take reliable measurements, and repair systems efficiently.

Visualize It from Every Angle

RealVision 3D is a multi-channel sonar system offering high resolution DownVision, SideVision and 3-Dimensional sonar. RealVision 3D sonar generates a comprehensive 3D model of the underwater environment, including bottom terrain, structure, objects on the bottom, and targets suspended in the water column. Sonar imagery is GPS and motion-stabilized and can be manipulated and viewed from any angle.


Powerful Sonar for Every Angler

Built for anglers that want to be one step ahead of the game, Element HV delivers the sharpest view of the underwater world with HyperVision™ 1.2 megahertz super high-resolution sonar. HyperVision takes DownVision, SideVision, and Raymarine RealVision 3D sonar to the next level of precision imaging and fish identification, letting you see structures, vegetation, and fish with lifelike clarity.