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Avoid Accidents and Damage to Infrastructure


Public Transportation

FLIR technology helps public transportation systems operate safely. Thermal imaging cameras detect activity around platforms and tracks, monitor the seat occupancy and passengers in busses and trains, and detect onboard fires. Reliable detection and advanced analytics combine to reduce the risk of accidents and improve efficiency.  

Trackside Monitoring

FLIR thermal imaging cameras detect people on metro, tram, or railway tracks. Whether a person falls from the platform or is deliberately walking on the tracks, FLIR cameras offer reliable, 24/7 detection on tracks and in tunnels in any lighting condition.

ITS-Series Rail

Intelligent thermal camera for public transportation safety

Stop Railway Trespassers in Their Tracks

Rail trespassing remains a huge problem on Belgium’s railway network despite various countermeasures by Belgian rail infrastructure management company Infrabel. Trespassers not only put their own lives at risk, they also cause severe delays, which
cost a fortune to the Belgian taxpayer. In order to prevent incidents and delays on Belgium’s busiest railway trajectory, Infrabel now uses thermal imaging cameras from FLIR as one of the means to detect people walking on the tracks.

Level Crossing Safety

FLIR thermal imaging cameras can prevent collisions between trains and vehicles at level crossings by detecting when a vehicle stops on the tracks. Integrated sensors give train and tram operators advanced warning of upcoming obstructions for an added level of safety.


Intelligent Thermal Imaging Camera

Download the guidebook for a comprehensive overview of FLIR transportation solutions.