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Improve Safety, Protect Wildlife


Technical Solutions in Remote Areas

The deployment of thermal imaging and night vision technology protects native animal populations, ecosystems, local communities, and improves ranger safety.

Trusted Thermal Detection

Quickly detect objects of interest in complete darkness and through glaring light or haze. Record video and still images for playback long after the day is done, all with geotagging to know where it was taken on the farm. Rugged housing and intuitive controls allow single-hand operation in harsh weather conditions, maintaining reliable thermal imaging in the most demanding outdoor environments.

Scion OTM

Outdoor Thermal Monocular

Excels in Minimal Light Conditions

The wide-angle dual-channel night vision goggle system creates an undisputed night time viewing advantage. Head and helmet mounting options provide hands-free full-field night vision while multi-coated lenses and composite housing stand up to wear and tear.


51° Night Vision Goggles

Sharp Long-Range Surveillance

Built for long-range surveillance in complete darkness this high-performance thermal imaging bi-ocular has lens options for short, medium, and long range viewing. The ergonomic design offers comfort during sustained viewing periods while a rugged housing and FLIR Tau 2 thermal core generate dependable imagery in snow, dust, smoke, fog, and haze.


FLIR Command

Long-Range Thermal Imaging Bi-Ocular

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