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Machine Vision Cameras


Machine Vision - Area Scan Cameras

Whether you are designing machines for fruit inspection, developing the next generation of robots, or creating systems to survey our cities, FLIR cameras can help accelerate your development. FLIR’s industrial, visible light cameras combine the most advanced sensors with powerful features for both automatic and precise manual control over image capture and on-camera pre-processing.

2022 Machine Vision Sensor Review

The 2022 Machine Vision Sensor Review compares the camera performance for over 100+ camera models,
and helps you choose the right sensor type including differences in optical format, readout, and pixel structure.

Sony Pregius® S Global Shutter CMOS + Blackfly S

The Sony Pregius family of global shutter CMOS sensors delivers crisp, distortion-free images. Continuing a legacy of compact performance, the fourth generation Pregius S literally turns the rules of sensor design upside-down. Pregius S uses Back Side Illuminated (BSI) sensor design to reduce pixel size and increase resolution while improving quantum efficiency (QE) and sensitivity.

Find our latest USB3, GigE, 10GE, cased, board level and inference cameras leveraging the latest CMOS sensors.

Filter & compare cameras and sensors based on specifications and performance.

Filter & compare cameras and sensors based on specifications and performance.

Find documentation, source code, precompiled examples, and libraries for Spinnaker & Flycapture.

FLIR A35sc Test Kit

Guide for Integrating Board Level Cameras

AWM Frictionless™ – Autonomous Store Checkout Made Possible with FLIR Machine Vision Cameras

FLIR Machine Vision Cameras are Headed to Mars!

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