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Thermal Imaging Cameras 

FLIR T-Series

Whether it’s your responsibility to maintain a factory’s uptime or keep the power flowing through distribution networks, FLIR T-Series thermal cameras offer the flexibility, precision, and features needed to inspect equipment safely and prevent breakdowns. These high-quality thermal imaging cameras pair outstanding range and resolution with the ergonomics professional thermographers need to work comfortably all day long. From the 180° optical block rotation on T500-Series models, to the OSX™ Precision HDIR optical system designed exclusively for the T1K, the T-Series offers the next level in design and performance.


Fast, Flexible & Accurate in Any Environment

FLIR T800-Series High-Performance Thermal Camaeras, now featuring the T865, are th new standard in predictive/preventitive maintenance tools, now with optional on-board Inspection Routing for a new level of precision and flexibility. Avoid costly power outages and plant shutdowns through regular predictive maintenance routines with this flexible and innovative IR camera.


Get ready for outstanding thermal infrared performance, built on 50 years of experience. With an agile new graphical user interface, up to 3.1 MP in resolution, and FLIR OSX™ Precision HDIR lenses, T1K cameras are designed to be the ultimate tool to streamline your workday and make you the hero.


The T800-Series simplify inspections outside in challenging light conditions thanks to the integrated, color viewfinder and bright LCD display. The 180° rotating lens platform and thoughtful ergonomic design help users quickly diagnose failing components, while the optional 6° telephoto lens helps ensure accurate temperature measurement of small targets from farther distances.

Fast, Flexible & Accurate in Any EnvironmentT500-SERIES PROFESSIONAL THERMAL IMAGING CAMERAS

Simplify thermal inspections and spend less time in the field with this new generation of ergonomic T-Series cameras. From the 180° rotating optical block to the simplified state-of-the-art connectivity, the T500-Series will help you find hot spots and potential faults quickly and efficiently.

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