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Advanced Detection Tools for Harsh Conditions


HAZMAT Response

Environmental and man-made releases of hazardous materials can occur anywhere, anytime. FLIR’s portable suite of HAZMAT detectors and threat identification tools alert responders when harmful CBRNE substances are present, thus avoiding unnecessary exposure and instilling confidence when taking action in the field.

Chemical Detection & Identification

FLIR’s chemical sensors detect trace levels of chemical hazards and confirm their specific identity. Whether responding to a chemical accident or clandestine lab, the FLIR Griffin GC-MS line of products deliver intelligence at the point of sample collection.

Griffin G510

Person-Portable GC-MS

Radiation Detection & Identification

FLIR’s identiFINDER R-Series radiation sensors detect, alarm, verify, locate, and identify radioactive material (gamma and neutron) in real-time. They come in a variety of form factors and sensitivities to meet mission requirements. Their common operating interface reduces training time and costs, while increasing operator confidence.

identiFINDER R425

Next Generation Radionuclide Identification Device

Monitor contaminated environments remotely

FLIR offers mature robotic solutions, equipped with an integrated suite of sensors that target dangerous classes of materials, giving responders more resource-efficient, early detection capabilities for hazardous situations. Send in the robot first to take readings and determine contamination levels at a threat location before sending in the human response team.

PackBot® 525

Man-Transportable, Multi-Mission Robot