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End-To-End Solutions for Large Enterprises

FLIR offers the most complete solution for protecting critical infrastructure from intrusion, including power plants, oil refineries, and bridges. The combination of FLIR United VMS, world-class thermal and high definition visible cameras, analytics, and recorders create an interlocking web of tools for detecting intruders, verifying alarms, and gathering forensic evidence.

United VMS

FLIR’s United VMS is the most powerful way to integrate and control FLIR thermal and visible cameras and supporting technology. United VMS also supports analytics, PTZ tracking, and hand-off from fixed to PT cameras. It is intuitive to use, has scalable architecture, enhanced cyber security, and an open-platform design that integrates with third party systems.


Security Cameras

From our best-selling Ariel and highly specialized Quasar models, to smart analytic and world-class thermal cameres, FLIR cameras delivers unmatched picture quality, day or night, with predictable storage. Our mixture of bullets, domes, fixed, PTZ, and specialty cameras are ruggedly built and suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. All FLIR cameras are designed to work seamlessly with United VMS to provide a superior end-to-end user experience. In addition, FLIR certifies that all cameras and recorders will work together throughout the product life cycle to guarantee full operation at all times.

Servers, Storage and Clients

FLIR’s Universal System Solution (USS) servers and clients are designed to meet the scalable performance and storage requirements of large video surveillance installations. The USS Enterprise-Class storage system is a turnkey solution with up to 96TB of storage, plus tremendous speed and redundancy. FLIR’s USS Client and USS Edge Server offer the same performance standards, but with rugged builds intended for mobile deployment. Each FLIR storage device runs FLIR’s Latitude Network Video Management System, a central component of FLIR United VMS.