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Reliable Analytics for Actionable Alerts


Advanced Video Analytics

FLIR thermal and visible-light security cameras integrate with or include onboard video analytics for continuous site monitoring and generate real actionable alarms. FLIR Video analytics help detect and deter crime with continuous site coverage and reduced false alarms.

Intelligent Classification and Reduced False Alarms

Combining thermal and visible-light security cameras and analytics is a reliable, cost-effective way to protect perimeters from intrusion. FLIR analytics recognize and classify human and vehicular intruders while intelligently filtering false-positive activity, such as small animals or wind-blown foliage, resulting in more reliable threat detection with fewer false alarms.

Saros™ DH-390 Dome

Multi-Spectral Intrusion Solution

Target Tracking and Handoff Capability

When FLIR video analytics detect an intrusion, United VMS alerts operators and begins tracking the target. As the intruder moves, fixed cameras hand the target off to PTZ auto-tracking cameras, maintaining constant vision on the threat until security can intervene.

Triton™ PT-Series HD

HD Visible and Thermal Pan/Tilt