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Spherical Vision


360° Spherical Vision

FLIR makes spherical video a reality by providing affordable hardware and software packages that deliver high-resolution, 360° visual coverage. All Ladybug systems perform the image acquisition, processing, stitching and correction necessary to integrate multiple camera images into full-resolution digital spherical and panoramic videos, live. The quality and flexibility of spherical video data make the medium ideal for applications requiring synchronization of video images. This revolutionary technology is now used for a wide variety of applications and solutions including terrain mapping, building management, news, event and sports coverage, entertainment, and virtual reality.


Ladybug6 is the leading high-resolution camera designed to capture 360-degree spherical images from moving platforms in all-weather conditions. Its industrial grade design and out-of-the-box factory calibration produces 72 Megapixel (MP) images with pixel values that are spatially accurate within +/- 2 mm at 10-meter distance. As the newest member of our field-proven Ladybug series, the Ladybug6 builds on our machine vision heritage with increased image resolution, enhanced on-board processing, and robust IP67-rated connectors. Support for additional Global Navigation Satellite Systems and advanced APIs, combined with hardware inputs, enable precise camera settings and trigger control. Customer applications include panoramic street image production, road surveying, asset inspection, feature extraction for HD map generation among several others.


The Ladybug5+ offers the highest quality in spherical 360° imaging and accuracy. It is able to acquire an impressive 8k30 or 4k60 of content. With its patented calibration and superior global shutter sensors, the Ladybug5+ has an accuracy level of 2 mm at 10 m. The Ladybug SDK provides a wide range of functionality, allowing users to record, process, and export spherical content with ease.


Sony Pregius® global shutter CMOS sensors provide superb image quality across a wide range of lighting conditions without smear or blooming. And the USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface makes 12-bit RAW imaging possible


The workflow starts with Ladybug5+ capturing, compressing, and transmitting full bit depth 12-bit images. Users then use LadybugCapPro to apply white balance, gamma, and other image processing functions for maximum image quality.


The capture and post workflow model allows users to maintain flexibility by being able to return to the original content and reapply post processing steps as desired


Ladybug SDK

Every Ladybug® system includes a feature rich Software Development Kit (SDK) to manage image acquisition, spherical and panoramic image production, and camera settings. The Ladybug SDK includes the LadybugCapPro program, source code for a quick start in the C/C++ programming environment, a camera device driver, and Application Programming Interface (API) software library. The API allows users to integrate Ladybug functionality with custom applications.